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Putzmeister international

Interview: Jens Bawidamann

Jens Bawidamann is a happy man. The regional director for Putzmeister is half way through what is turning out to be a pretty good year. “Business this year has been excellent so far,” he said.

Bawidamann is clear that he expects this to continue. Two feel-good factors he is quick to identify are his company’s release of new products into the market, which began last year, plus the positive response he saw at Bauma, back in April, when the company finalised deals for double the number of machines it had targetted.

"Bauma is the most important exhibition and it was the best Bauma we ever had, in terms of presenting ourselves and getting a feeling of where we stand in regard to the competition,” he said.

“We think we are in a very good position when it comes to concrete equipment and the feedback we had from our clients was very positive.” Bawidamann cites the successful launch of Putzmeister’s 56m pump as a sign of the company’s future prospects. “We launched the 56m pump last year,” he said. “It’s the longest boom you can get on a four axle truck and it’s been more successful than we expected.”

Bawidamann expects to sell more than 40 units of the 50m-class pump into the GCC this year. As a sign that business across the region is picking up again, selling such a solid number of a new machine is a pretty positive indicator. “We can feel that business has started in the UAE. There are good signs in the market that we have a positive future in front of us.”



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