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Longitudinal mounted piston pump TMP 1008 S

Longitudinal mounted piston pump TMP 1008 S
The longitudinal mounted S-valve piston pump
 Technical data:
 Output: 67  / 80* m³/h
 Delivery pressure: 75 / 50* bar
 Delivery cylinder - Ø: 230 mm 
 Stroke: 1000 mm 
 Strokes: 27 / 32*  1/min

* rod side


Intake area and agitator

An efficient agitator makes sure that no deposits remain in the hopper, even with coarse and stiff concrete, and that the concrete is supplied to the intake area efficiently.

Slewable hinged elbow

The slewable hinged elbow on the hopper is ideal for stationary applications. The pipe is positioned centrally on the hopper and can be turned to discharge concrete in any direction. When the delivery cylinders require cleaning, the pipe can be opened in seconds, making the entire intake area easily accessible.

PUMI® with longitudinal mounted piston pump

PUMI® 28.89 S

PUMI® 31.89 S 



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