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Lower Operationg Costs? Yes! Save on the Filter? No!

The hydraulic system is considered to be the "blond circulation" of a concrete pump. It ensures reliable and metered movements of the transfer tube, mixer shaft and placing boom. For this, the oil is "chased" partly by hydraulic pumps with a pressure of up to 350 bar through valves and lines so as the high forces are transferred and the control commands are carried out sensitively. Disorders in the hydraulic system lead to error functions and usually the complete breakdown of the machine.
Original (left) and copy

Dirt in the hydraulic oil is a big problem

The main cause of these breakdowns are defective valves or in extreme cases also the breakdown of a hydraulic pump. These failures are almost always due to dirt in the hydraulic oil. To avoid this dirt, the hydraulic filter is an essential part of the oil circuit.

This part which is actually very reasonably priced, has a decisive influence on the function, operating safety and the wear costs of the concrete pump. By keeping the hydraulic oil clean, the filter protects the expensive components in the hydraulic system from damage and breakdown. The following comparison drawn up by our filter supplier - made between the original PM hydraulic filter and a somewhat cheaper copy filter of a "pirate" - has therefore set us thinking. Is the supposed price advantage really that what it makes out to be? We would like so show again this filter comparison - slightly abbreviated due to space.


Filter comparison

Make: Original filter Putzmeister Copy
Fineness of the filter paper 120 micron 120 micron
120 micron 296 mm 302 mm
Glue 2-component-glue 1-component-glue
Ring-Material Tinned steel chromatized steel
Outer-Diameter 72 mm 71 mm
Height 7 mm 7,5 mm
Outer shell Tinned steel chromatized steel
Thickness 0,3 mm 0,5 mm
Welding rollengeschweißt Spot-welded
Filter fabric Stainless steel MS-Gewebe


This comparison shows us what many conclusions can be drawn here with regard to the quality and service life of the fabrication:

Incidentally, it is not a shame that comparative advertising where one can name names is forbidden in Germany? Just as Putzmeister has to daily face up to price competition in the market, we would also like to face quality competition.

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