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Lighthouse project in Oman

Oman is a coastal state that borders the United Arab Emirates in the north west, Saudi Arabia in the west and Yemen in the south west. Putzmeister Middle East in Dubai serves Oman.

The sparsely populated desert country has more than 2800 km of coastline, which borders the Gulf of Oman in the north but mainly runs along the Arabian Sea. Lighthouses located along the coast protect shipping routes.

New lighthouses have been built on Masirah island located off the east coast and Ras Madrakah further south. Assisted by Taylor Woodrow Oman and the Omani Putzmeister dealer IHE, the construction company Al Sarooj used a helicopter and a BSA 1004 D concrete pump manufactured in India to construct the foundations of the lighthouse and minimise the impact on the environment.

While in Ras Madrakah the foundations were also laid using a helicopter, on Massirah the 65m³ of concrete required was transported through a pipeline more than 110m long from a temporary preparation site up the hill to the main construction site. The pipelines were mostly secured using ropes and chains, but had to be secured with stone-filled sacks in places. A GVHM 2/2 gate valve integrated in the pipeline prevented the concrete from flowing back towards the concrete pump during breaks in pumping.

Two mobile concrete mixers were used to produce concrete with a maximum particle size of 20 mm. In order to monitor the concrete quality and prevent blockages, workers took samples from every batch that was mixed and continuously monitored concrete production.

To overcome the height of 110m, IHE converted the drive end of the BSA 1004 D before pumping started so that the pump would produce a maximum concrete pressure exceeding 100 bar.

All of the concreting work was performed during the night due to the high temperatures.

Technical data BSA 1004 D

Production of Putzmeister Concrete Machines PCM in Goa, India
Drive, Deutz 4-cylinder diesel engine 49 kW
Core pump 1000 x 180 mm with S transfer tube S2018
Max. output 39 m³/h at max. 70 bar (rod side) or
Max. output 26 m³/h at max. 105 bar (piston side)


BSA 1004 D

The construction site on Masirah island is approx. 700 km south of Dubai.

Access to the construction site on Masirah island was limited

The concrete had to overcome a height difference of 110m to reach the foundation of the lighthouse

The pipeline was secured to the mountain using stone-filled sacks

Two on-site concrete mixers supply the concrete.

The GVHM 2/2 gate valve prevents the concrete from flowing back during breaks in pumping

The quality of each batch of concrete is monitored



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