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Spare Parts Pirates have less and less scruples

Not just Putzmeister but practically all construction machine manufacturers have to come to terms with the fact that unqualified "pirates" are copying wear parts. But also branches such as the pharmacy industry, motor car and aircraft industries, keep finding out that customers are using copied and cheap imitations instead of the genuine part.

 This could not just lead to catastrophic results when the spare part relevant for safety is incorrectly replaced but also parts that are not as important could cause great damage for the machine operator. If, for example, the concrete pump can no longer be used on a construction site due to a pirate part, the concrete pump service company could face a penalty for non-fulfilment and also suffer due to a long-lasting bad reputation. The concrete pump manufacturer is then also sucked down in the whirlpool of complaints, reproach and allegations due to no fault of his own.

The latest example of this is the apparently too short a life of a Putzmeister Elephant transfer tube ("C-Trunk") which broke into two parts after having only conveyed 2500 m³ concrete. Tests carried out here showed that it was clearly a copy which had neither the material quality nor the wall thicknesses of the Putzmeister genuine part. The wall, for example, was up to 10 mm thinner than the Putzmeister genuine part. It is obvious that such lightweight constructions con not compete.


What is also interesting here are the almost criminal methods that the salesmen of pirate parts use to influence their customers. They maintain, for example, that the copied trunk is a genuine spare part but that the quality sign, the PM stamp, has been removed. Or the salesman of the "better-priced" special offer argues that he gets the C-transfer tube from the same manufacturer that also manufactures the genuine Putzmeister trunk. Both statements are totally incorrect of course and Putzmeister is very willing to prove just this to you.

How can you prevent being sold a copied C-trunk as a genuine trunk? This is quite simple - you buy your wear parts solely from Putzmeister branches and works agencies! The genuine parts are only available here and you are safe from the pirates.

If you should have further questions, please get in touch with Putzmeister Spare Parts Sales:



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