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Putzmeister international

Applications for the PUMI

Flexibility with a capital F. Transporting, pumping, placing – all with one machine and just one machine operator. This saves time and money. For many pumping jobs, one PUMI® is perfectly adequate and can be scheduled for use on its own. For somewhat larger pumping jobs, it can use its own load of concrete to bridge the waiting time between truck-mixer deliveries.
PUMI 24.67 Q

Concreting strip footings with 15 m³

Nürtingen / Germany

PUMI 24.67 Q

Baseplate with 30 m³

Hamburg / Germany


PUMI 24-3.67 Q

Refurbishment of an old residential house with 20 m³

Lille / France

PUMI 26.67 CS

Refurbishment of an old textile factory with 30 m³

Nueziders / Austria

PUMI 21.67 Q

Intermediate slap with 30 m hose lines

Buxtehude / Germany

PUMI 28.89 S

Slab with approximately 150 m³

Jeddah / Saudi Arabia



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