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Al Wathba Wastewater Plant

Al Wathba Waste water plant in Abu Dhabi
The contractor Odebrecht International won the contract at the end of 2011 to build the world’s deepest sewage pumping plant, located in the city of Abu Dhabi. The sanitation project will benefit some three million inhabitants by 2032.

With investments of US$ 362 million (ca. 318 Mio. €), the contract is the largest in the history of the Abu Dhabi Sewage Company (ADSSC). The construction work for the sanitary sewage system sewage pumping station began in March 2012, with an estimated conclusion in end of 2015.

The station will be located 110 meters deep and have a width of approximately 50 meters, with the capacity to pump a final flow of 39 cubic meters per second. The collected sewage will be carried along a tunnel, already being constructed, to two independent treatment plants that have already been built in Al Wathba.

The pumping plant will be installed at the end of the 44-km tunnel and is designed on a slope, beginning approximately 25 meters deep and ending at nearly 110 meters. “The tunnel will be constructed in this way so that gravity itself will transport the waste.

Readymix company Xtramix Abu Dhabi is supplying the concrete for this project 65.000 m³. This will be pumped by 2x Putzmeister BSA 2110 HP-D stationary pumps and 2x Putzmeister MX 32-4 T R750 placing booms.

The stationary pumps are located at ground level and pumping 110 meters down and then to the placing booms.

Initially in the first stage there will be one MX 32-4 T and in the second stage they will use two MX 32-4 T placing booms to work their way up to ground level.

The role for Putzmeister Dubai Office is to give, Odebrecht and Xtramix project assistance and consulting done by: Bastian Dreher and Louis Franssen.

Jens Bawidamann


Al Wathba Waste water plant in Abu Dhabi


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